Inspection Services (Foundry)

Inspection activities have wide range under the code guideline of Quality Acceptance and Purchasers satisfaction.
HAASEE expertise in the field of Third Party Inspection (TPI) Services are enumerated in the document as

  • Third Party Inspection Services and Certification (TPI&C) of all Engineering Products.
  • Checking of Quality Assurance plan of Contractors /Vendors and making suggestion if necessary and approval to final acceptance of Quality.
  • To ensure that Contractor/Vendors carry out work in accordance with their respective quality assurance program.
  • Undertake Inspection and witness such tests, which are required to ensure that all equipments and materials procured confirm to the specification and relevant codes and standards as per approved Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).
  • Stages/routine Inspection as well as final Inspection based on following codes, (ASME, BS, DIN, IS and other relevant codes /standards).
  • Testing of material as per approved QAP.
  • Issue of routine Inspection report.
  • Checking of compliance report, if any.
  • Issue of final acceptance certificate.